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The Perfect Pitch – Key #1 to Successful Sales Presentations

Key #1: Rule of Three

Frame up three key messages in your mind. Write them down. And, then ask:

  • Are these messages clear?
  • Are they as concise as possible?
  • From what I know about the prospect (presuming you know a great deal), are these messages tailored to the client’s real needs?
  • Are they the most compelling messages to sell your service?

Memorize the messages

Anyone can memorize three things. If you can’t memorize them, then something is wrong with the messages. Perhaps, they’re too long, or too complicated, or too equivocal. After all, if you can’t hold them in your mind, how can the client?

Don’t come home without it

No matter what happens during the meeting, get your three messages across.  Twice is enough, three times is probably boring.

Next week, we’ll bring you Key #2.


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