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The Perfect Pitch – Key #9 for Successful Sales Presentations

Key #9 – You Came to Sell; Not to Present

We have seen and heard countless great presentations that did not result in sales. So, unless this is a meeting of the Toastmasters Club, the object is to get the business; to change a prospect into a client. If you spend all of the time at the meeting worrying about whether you and your team are making a good presentation, rather than whether you’re connecting with the prospect and his/her needs, then the prospect will shake your hand, tell you what a great job you did in explaining your service and that will be that.

So, move the meeting through the selling process—from acknowledging needs through a description of your relevant services, to a summary that shows how you can help achieve the objectives, to an expression of how passionately you want to work with the prospect, to asking for the next step in the process.

…which leads us to the summary of the Perfect Pitch

One. Three messages about your service that are distinct, compelling and powerful.

Two. Know the three key needs of your prospect that align with your product or service.

Three. You need to be sure that your Perfect Pitch gets you the business.

This is the final series of The Perfect Pitch.  Thank you for reading!

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