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The Perfect Pitch – Key #6 for Successful Sales Presentation

Key #6 – Dress for Success

It’s harder than ever to know what’s appropriate. Business casual in Los Angeles is entirely different than in Atlanta. Business dress in London is different than in Houston and so on.

Some advice:

– Conservative is always the best choice, unless you’re selling creativity or wild eccentricity. The genius researcher or brilliant writer can wear pretty much what he or she wants.  Make sure the prospect knows beforehand that the genius is coming and won’t be put off by the appearance.

– Black is your friend.

– Dowdy is dowdy is dowdy. If it’s more than ten years old, use it for something other than a major presentation, even old Armani looks like old Armani.

– Never wear excessive jewelry.

– Shoes, briefcases, purses are important. There are people out there who judge you by your leather and often they are potential clients.

– Hair? That would be an essay in and of itself. Suffice to say, neat, well cut, reasonably in fashion and if you color, make sure the roots don’t show!

– If it’s golf-and-a-presentation or any other sport-and-a-presentation combo (and it happens), wear the proper clothes and most important, the right shoes. Parrot colors should be left at home.

Key #7 coming up next week.

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