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The Perfect Pitch – Key #4 for Successful Sales Presentations

Key #4 – Support Materials


A key factor in gaining recognition of your brand, your product or your service is advertising. Whether via TV, radio, print, the Web or other specialty advertising, the important factor, as far as your presentation is concerned, is the integration of your advertising messages and the messages you convey in the presentation. All messages must be aligned.

Letters, Calls and Invitations

Again, as with advertising, the messages should create a foundation that you can build upon during the in-person presentation. Messages are graphic, as well as written words. The look and feel of all these communication elements must support your core brand messages.

Final confirmation of presentation

We all have about a nanosecond’s worth of time to review an upcoming meeting. Your communication to the meeting participants should be concise and cover, at minimum, the purpose of the meeting, the agenda, the time frame, the logistics and any special information such as maps, dining arrangements, and most important, a list of attendees.

Presentation Materials

To PowerPoint or not to PowerPoint. Generally, if you are presenting to more than three people, the information is detailed, the presentation will be longer than 15 minutes and/or graphics are important, we recommend PPT support.

If you use PPT,

  • – Keep the deck as short as possible; roughly two slides per minute is a good rule of thumb.
  • – Bullet points—no paragraphs unless you are reviewing a final copy statement.
  • – Charts must be consistent, one format only and, for financial services companies, the format ought to be a generally accepted one.
  • – Look and feel of the slides must reflect your brand identity.
  • – Always, always customize the first and last slides to your prospect. If you use the corporate logo, make sure it is correct to their brand standards.
  • – Never read slides, always follow the order of the points on the slides.


If you have it, use it. It is extremely memorable. Always keep it short—under five minutes. Be sure the equipment is in order before your presentation.

Print support materials

If you are doing a detailed presentation, it is valuable to leave the information behind in printed form, unless there are competitive issues. A presentation or proposal letter and accompanying brochures should be well packaged and several extra copies should be available.

Have business cards on table in front of prospect team. If presenting to an international audience, make sure that translated business cards are available.

Key #5 coming next week.

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