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The Perfect Pitch – Key #3 to Successful Sales Presentations

Key #3 – Teamwork Works

There are dozens of ways to create good team interaction at a presentation. Here are a few of the best techniques we know:

> Have a strategy meeting. Whether in person or by phone, talk about your Three Key Messages and the prospect’s Three Key Needs. Make sure there’s consensus amongst your group and, if there isn’t, fix it. By the way, a strategy meeting is not five minutes in the car before you walk into the prospect’s office.

> Assign roles. There should be someone who leads the presentation, someone who takes notes (anyone, except the leader) and someone who is assigned to watch for negative signals and has a way of communicating them to the leader. Everyone should have a specific piece of the presentation, no matter how small. People who just sit and take up space make prospects nervous and it appears disrespectful.

> Never, ever, ever disagree. If someone on the team has made a stupid or incorrect remark, find a way to fix it without appearing to contradict. Anything else, just glide over. The prospect will never remember an incidental less-than-elegant remark, but he/she will never forget a team dysfunction.

> Stick to the roles. Don’t allow anyone to throw off the timing, the message or the ambiance of the presentation. If you have a monopolizer who is not the leader, fix it beforehand or don’t invite him/her to the meeting. Link them in by phone.

> Make sure that everyone is committed to geniality. Again, if there’s a grouch on your team, just don’t invite him/her. If it’s imperative that he or she be there, do everything in your power to get that person in a great mood before the meeting. A prospect will remember tonality over and above everything else.

Key #4 coming up next week.

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