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The Garbage Problem

There’s just a lot of really poor production happening. Why is that? Why are there so many cookie cutter websites, videos with no heart, no soul, and often no message, print that looks like it was designed in the 70s and printed in the 40s, presentations and meetings that have no real surprise, sparkle, cool?

Money is certainly one reason. Corporations have been squeezing every last penny, beginning back in the 90s and continuing right through this latest recession.

Respect for the value of good/great creative and production values is another big reason.

Groupthink (the downside of collaborative decision-making) is yet another reason why the new, the innovative, the edgy, often gets lost in the attempt to account for every person’s individual tastes.

No mentoring available is a big reason. There’s no one around who’s telling young clients that doing is better is often way more important than doing it on budget. And that big careers are made with outstanding work, not just outstanding accounting.

Many of the really great supplier companies have gone out of business or left the business due to lack of profit. Many who are left skimp on everything, especially the quality extras, just so they can support their own overhead.

The result: a lot of garbage. A lot of unhappy senior executives. A lot of ineffectual projects that just don’t get the message across.

The answer. It’s up to each of us, client and supplier alike to want more, to pay more, to demand more and to really pay attention to work that matters.

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