Here is what our clients say about us

“This group, who has done it all and seen it all, was genuinely impressed. The video received enthusiastic applause. We already have numerous requests for additional showings” — McDonald’s Corporation

“It was a huge success and we have received numerous compliments on it. You did an excellent job and we appreciate your work” — Coca-Cola Enterprises

“For 25 years I’ve known, Cresta always delivered” — National Confectioners Association

“We are getting responses from our audiences which of course is the best reward of all. I know what an intricate and complex production this video was and I believe the final product speaks to the attention and care that went into every second of it” — Pleasant Company (Mattel)

“Thank you so much for helping United Way produce one of the best local campaign videos in recent years” — United Way

“An outstanding team… the most successful meeting of its kind” — Federal Express

“The video sounds very genuine and the messages are clear” –European Group, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“The next celebration: when we launch the video. The best part is to have met your team and to have so instantly bonded” — James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University

“Your production was suburb and I have one word for the general sessions and award dinner.  WOW!” — Aramark Uniform Services

“The conference was a real highlight and a great success” — Delta Air Lines

“A great interview and the best producer we have ever worked with” — HSBC

“A rare example of literate, eloquent communication in a field that sadly lacks both literacy and eloquence” — Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau

“The more I watch it, the more I like it!” — Windmoor Tomorrow Campaign

“Once again Cresta has raised the bar” — Coca-Cola

“Our partners are now captivated by Cresta’s video work and want to chat about you doing videos for them” — Hines

“The leadership team is so pleased with the video.  Thanks for all you did this week to make it happen” — Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

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