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So, How Good Is Your Online Video?

First, these are the facts.  Good online videos…

  • – enhance user experience and engagement
  • – improve brand awareness and perceived quality
  • – lead to higher SEO ranking
  • – promote call-to-action

Here are four indicators.

1. Earned Media

Earned media is any publicity you haven’t paid for through owned and created by a third party. For example, someone watches your video and tweet “The best video ever!” or promote it on YouTube, or share it in Facebook, etc. It is one of the most valuable and highly effective video marketing metrics. It is organic and not controlled by brand/corporations.   It includes the likes, shares and conversations. These organic viewer engagement is hard to earn, so you need to make sure the video content is worth sharing, to invest time and energy and to interact with social media channels. A video doesn’t just go viral by accident — most of the time, there is a lot of careful planning involved to kick start the video’s exposure with paid media before earned media picks up.

2. Paid Media and Owned Media

Paid Media is an advertisement your company pays for, including paid social media, paid PR releases, paid influencers, PPC (pay-per-click). Owned media is the channel your company/brand controls, such as your websites, mobile app sites, blogs, emails, etc. These videos can be picked up by other bloggers and media outlets and then reposted for earned media.

3. Click-Through-Rate

You can measure CTR at different points of video. How many people played the video – meaning how many clicked “play” button? How many completed the video – meaning how many were engaged and watched the video all the way to the end? And how many took an action at the end of the video – meaning responded to a specific CTA (call to action)? CTA clicks can lead the viewers to your website, a product purchase page, a registration page, etc.

4. Placement Performance

This is to track the performance on different distribution channels independently. How did the video perform differently on blogs, a variety of social media networks, your own website, etc. By comparing these metrics, you can determine what distribution channel works better and why, and apply that knowledge to your next online video campaign.

The danger is many marketers rely solely on KPIs because it is perceived as a tangible proof and justification of their investment. It’s important to remember not all customers automatically and immediately become your brand ambassadors. It takes time, good planning, and execution. And it all begins with a high-quality video that engages your customers.

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