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A whispered word.  Very quietly, stealthily, the thin bright rays of hope are piercing our national mindset.

Not on cable TV of course.  They’re still trying to make the endless debates around the primaries interesting.

Not in diners.  The talk there is still about recession and fear of China, Europe and assorted middle-eastern countries.  No one’s even noticed that there are fewer people sitting at the counter at 9:00 AM; they’re at work.

Not in grocery stores.  It is actually more expensive to buy food now and very likely will continue to be.

But, in offices and cubicles.  Over teleconferences.  On-line directly and through the social networks.  Business leaders and professionals and technicians and entrepreneurs are actually talking about innovation, growth and inspiration.  People are getting excited.  Americans are getting excited.

For us, as corporate communicators, that’s the real news of 2012.  We need to lead the conversation.  We need to get some emotion flowing.  We need to dust off the piles of ideas and projects that got put on hold ‘til after the recession’ and make some buzz.

Change the dialog.  Change the methods.  Stop doing it the way it has been done.  No more newsletters.  Even if people read them (which they don’t), it takes too much time, too much energy and does not equate with job security.

No more message points. We’ve known forever that they don’t really play.  Authentic is hard to do, but it’s the only way that works.

Please no more broadcast emails.  No more.  That’s it.  If it requires a ‘send all’, it probably shouldn’t be sent.

No more long, stilted, TelePromTer-based corporate videos.  Who talks like that?  Who listens to that?  Who believes that?

Real time.  Real information.  Delivered now.  By people who want to talk to people, with people and have a genuine passion for what they’re saying.  Can be done.  Really can.

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