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How to write a good RFP to produce a great corporate video

Writing a good RFP (or RFQ) is an essential process to produce any successful marketing project. It helps you in two ways. It helps you define your goals and objectives and how to get there. It also helps you articulate the strategy to your potential suppliers who in turn will create a more meaningful and complete proposal for you.

Here are 5 easy steps to write a great RFP.

1. Project overview
• Describe the problem and why your company needs a new solution.
• What you want to accomplish – goals and objectives
• Define key audiences
• Services you seek, i.e. a corporate video, commercial, live event and meeting, online event and meeting, email campaign, mobile app, print and direct mail, etc. etc.
• Distribution and application

2. Company background
• Corporate facts (Statics and demographics are often useful.)
• Leadership and corporate culture (mission, vision and values)

3. Scope of work
• Articulate your expectations
• Deliverables
• Timeline including internal review process
• Budget or budget range

4. RFP requirements
• Content, information and other specifics you need to evaluate the proposal
• Samples of work
• References
• Schedule and process
• Budget

5. RFP evaluation procedure
• Due dates including one round of Q&As
• Award decision date. It is important to contact those who did not win the project. They will appreciate your professional courtesy.
• Project kick-off date. This date should be an input session for the entire team to meet, in person if possible.
• Points of contact. Include a list of people to contact for information on the RFP, additional questions. Incorporate their names, titles, responsibilities and various ways of contacting them.
• Legal information (if required by your legal department). It includes terms of contract and conditions, payment, incentives and penalties, copyright and usage.

Unless you are looking for a cookie-cutter-boiler-plate response, a great RFP should contain well-thought-out information so you get what your project deserves. You’ll be amazed by how many great proposals you will receive. BTW, we’d love to receive your next RFP. Please contact 312.944.4700 or write to info@crestagroup.com.