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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #9

The Process – Management Review

Just as you were carefully briefed before your review, you need to do this with your internal clients.  Clearly and simply, tell them where the project stands.  If this is a finished piece, then let them know that.  To the extent possible, have this first management review in person using the best presentation format and equipment available so they can fully appreciate the good picture and sound.  And just as you did, ask them to watch the whole video without an interruption, then watch it again for the second time with Q & As.

If your clients want to make changes, listen carefully and evaluate their requests and why.  What they say they want to change often may not solve the problem that is bothering them.  If necessary, give them a sense of which changes will cost time and money and which ones won’t.  Most of the time, everyone appreciates knowing that.

In our experience, these reviews are usually wonderful.  Even if everyone waits breathlessly for the most senior person in the room to give his/her blessing, when it comes, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.  Congratulations, you rock!

OK, but the project is not yet over.  We’ll talk about distribution next.  There are some horror stories we can tell you.

If you have any questions about how to produce a good corporate video, write to us.  We’ll be happy to think besides you.  And as always, come back and visit us next week.

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