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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #8

The Process – Client Review

You and key members of your communication team should review the video first.   Then, bring in your internal clients.  We all know an importance for a good communicator is to understand how to manage your client’s expectations.

Listen carefully to the explanations from the editor or producer as to where they are in the process.  If they say, “The sound is still rough” or “These graphics are placeholders,” make sure you clearly understand what they mean.

Request to watch the whole video from the beginning to the end without an interruption first.  Then watch it again for the second time.  This time, you can stop and discuss what needs explanations.

It can be a very tenuous time.  You could inadvertently ask for something that will ruin the piece or add a lot of time therefore cost.  In their eagerness to please you, the production people may agree with you without much thought.  Have a dialog.  That’s why you’re there before your internal client.   Talk it all through until everyone is very clear on what needs to be done to get it ready for the next review.  Write down a list of actionable plans in bullet points and email that to everyone involved for confirmation.

Can’t emphasize this enough.

Oh, and by the way, don’t’ let the fact that you may not be very experienced in video production keep you from speaking your mind.  Ask questions.  Good producers will listen to your concerns and fix what needs fixing.  On the other hand, if the video does exactly what it was set out to do, share your enthusiasm and praise with your production team.  They will really appreciate that.

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