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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #7

The Process – Post Production

In many ways, a good video is realized in the editing process.  The editor, producer, director and writer will work together to bring the original vision of the video to life through editing of pictures, graphic, music, sound effects and dialog.  All these elements individually and combined play huge roles to create a good corporate video.

Keep in mind that producers may follow different post-production processes depending on the nature of the project.  Some producers prefer “rough cut” the video in low resolution before refining it.  Other producers prefer more precise editing from the start.  Make sure you understand the particular process and confirm what is expected of you as a client and when.  Approval points are critical in post-production as re-do’s can be costly.  Good producers will be happy to walk you through the process.

Over the past two decades, editing methods have evolved tremendously.  It used to be physically cutting and splicing films.  It became tape to tape linear editing using very expensive tape machines and a switcher.  Then random access non-linear editing systems became available in fancy edit suites that cost $1000+ an hour.  Today, with a laptop and $1500 investment on software, anyone can become “an video editor.”

We believe editing is an art form very much like writing; it needs an exciting beginning, a solid middle and an amazing end.   A good video communicates to people.  It moves people intellectually and/or emotionally.  Regardless of a subject matter, a good video always tells a good story.  This takes a thoughtful process beyond technology and its convenience.  Every edit point is a decision making point that requires understanding overall flow, pacing, audience’s psychology, aesthetic look and feel and good common sense while making a point, explicitly or implicitly, of the communication goals of the video.  A good editor always has a reason why he/she edits Scene A with Scene B though it often is subtle.   Just because the editor is a computer wizard, it doesn’t mean he/she can edit well.

Put yourself in your audience’s mind, sit back, watch the entire video, and ask yourself.  Did the video move me?

We’ll discuss the review process next week.  If you have any questions about your own corporate video, let us know.

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