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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #5

The Process – Script

Sometimes, the treatment serves as a script.  Particularly, if the project is dependent on a lot of interviews and on-the-spot coverage, writing a tight script at this stage will unnecessarily box in the production.  The actual script in this case will be written after those interviews are shot.  On the other hand, if your corporate video is completely narrated, the script will be written prior to the shoot and the approved script will be broken down to a shot list.

In either case, think of this as a house that will be built based on a blueprint – great blueprint, likelihood of a great house.  Terrible blueprint… you get the picture.  Can’t emphasize enough.  This is one of the biggest approval points in the process.   Pay attention, take the time and review carefully.  If you don’t, it could add a lot of money that you won’t be able to justify in the quality of the final product.

The process continues next week.

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