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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #4

As in any successful corporate project, having a well thought-out process is important.  It requires a balancing act.   It is true the devil is in the detail.  At the same time, you can’t miss the forest for the tree.  The corporate video production can be, in a sense, a crapshoot for no fault of anyone.  Your CEO’s schedule do change suddenly on the day of your shoot.  Manufacturing lines can break down just when you are ready to roll the camera.  It pours when all the shots are outside.  You have to be flexible when you are dealing with uncontrollable.  Having a good process won’t prevent any of these to happen but it will prepare you to change plans and come up with best available solutions.

The Process – Treatment

A corporate video treatment is simply a description of the video as seen from the audience point of view.  A very simple way to judge a treatment is to ask, “Did I enjoy that?”  If you enjoyed reading the treatment, if the treatment captured the essence of the message, then you’re off to a great start.  If no, have your production company rewrite the treatment.

The treatment should clearly state the goals and objectives of your corporate video and how the production company is proposing to achieve those.  It should include a budget with specifications, though certain items, such as a number of shooting days and travel expenses, may still be expressed as a range.  The treatment also includes an overall schedule for pre-production, production, post-production and delivery.  Keep in mind that if the specifications change, it will often affects the budget and schedule.

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