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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #3

Decide on a budget range.

We are often asked “How much does a video cost?” It’s one of the questions on top of your mind if you are about to commission a corporate video. But it’s one of the hard questions to answer. It’s like asking how much is a car? You need to remember the few questions you asked yourself in Tip #2. What kind of car are you looking to buy? What is the primary use of it? What’s important to you? Brand recognition, gas efficiency, technology features, eco-friendliness, color and style, safety, etc.?

Even if this is the first corporate video project that you’ve ever supervised and even if no one else in your organization has, you can still ask a peer in one of the associations you belong to. You can call a few professional producers and ask for ranges for the kind of thing you have in mind. You can look at samples and ask about the budget. You can find a kind of video you like on YouTube and ask about the budget based on what you see. Once you have a pretty good idea of what the video should cost, you need to be sure that the return on that investment is reasonable. You may back away from video as a tool if it simply isn’t worth it to the company. That’s a much wiser decision than trying to do a production on a shoestring budget and ending up with a mini-disaster on your hands, creating a perpetual state of nervous breakdowns. Good video, like any good communication tool, can be costly. If you insist on hiring your associate’s brother-in-law who shoots weddings for a living, be prepared for the result. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

Remember this. If the final product delivers your company’s communication objectives and enthusiasm, your boss will not remember, nor care, how much that corporate video cost in the end. But they will remember and will be extremely annoyed if the video dose not deliver what it was set out to do — no matter how little you spent to make it. We all want an attaboy for a job well done.

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