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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #2

Whether you are making a corporate overview video, explainer video, training video, web video, marketing video, employee communication video, sales and new product video, or interview video, the most important ingredient for the successful production remains always the same.

Articulate your objectives clearly and completely.

This is the first and possibly one of the most critical assignments you and your team must tackle in order to ensure your investment will pay off in the end. All effective communication depends on a clear understanding of what is to be communicated (the message), its goals and objectives, to whom (the audience) and in what time frame (the schedule) and how (the distribution plan). This seems so painfully obvious that one wonders why it is so often ignored.

Fact is, it’s difficult to clearly state objectives, to get buy-in from the owners of the messages (often your CEO) to describe the real audiences and to come up with a workable distribution plan. Be fierce. The time and energy spent at the front end within the organization is going to pay off tenfold through the video production and its rollout process. In many instances, everyone is always in a hurry to produce and then ends up spending all the time in the world to rework, revise, revise again and again… and completely ruin a project in the end. Not to mention, all the carefully planned schedule and budget are out the window as a result.

We can’t emphasize this enough. Write them all down, review with your team, revise and get a sign-off from your boss. This document will set the right path to the successful project outcome and be the guiding light for critical decisions you will make in the lifecycle of the project. Not to mention, the document will become a foundation of your RFP.

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