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How to Produce a Great Video – Tip #1

Not all corporate and marketing videos are created equal in quality and effectiveness.

Videos used to be expensive.   Professional equipment was expensive and took a small army of highly-skilled professionals to operate it and highly-talented professionals to write and produce it.  It was a luxury communication item reserved for Fortune 500 companies.  Many executives loved it because a well-crafted corporate video was extremely effective to reach/influence their audiences.

Now, the equipment got smaller, cheaper and easier to operate. Videos are everywhere. Over 300+ hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Anyone with a smart phone and a laptop can shoot, edit and post a video at a fraction of what it used to cost.

But one thing remains the same.  Only a good corporate & marketing video delivers its communication objectives and engages, informs and inspires the audiences.  And that is hard to do.  Especially in today’s business world.  There is just so much garbage out there.

Here are some tips for how to make a great corporate and marketing video in 2016.

Tip #1

When should you use video for corporate and marketing communication?

– Use video when the message requires moving visuals.  This is the clearest criteria.  If you are creating a training piece of a sales pitch for an earth-moving machine or a jetliner or a robotic paint system or a dance school, then video is simply the most reasonable medium to choose.

– Use video when the message requires an intense emotional response.  Nothing evokes emotion as well as the combination of visuals in motion, sound effects, music, words and graphics.  One exception — if the CEO should make the presentation in person for various reasons, put him/her on an airplane.  If he/she doesn’t “have time” to talk directly to his/her people about something vitally important to their lives, such as a company restructuring or reorganization, well, enough said.

– Use video when the message needs to be consistent, timely, authentic and carefully presented throughout the corporation.  Conventional wisdom aside, there’s nothing wrong with “talking head” videos, as long as the talking heads are well-spoken, the message is direct, compelling, sincere and believable and the production is simple and straightforward.  Easy said than done.

There are many times when a well-crafted corporate video of the CEO or other senior executives will be exceedingly effective.  For example, when a new strategy is unveiled; when the corporation has outperformed the norm and congratulations are in order; when a new product or service or division is launched, specially when customers are directly involved,  etc.

Stay tuned for the Tip #2.


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