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How to Make a Great Video – Tip #10

The Process – Distribution

At big meetings and presentations, videos really shine.  They provide the sizzle, the focus, theme-setting that gets everyone excited about the new product, service, strategy, division, company, idea, etc.  They become often centerpieces of the “Meeting in a Box” that participants take home and share with their people.

Make sure you know how your video is going to be viewed in advance and communicate the particulars to your production team.  If necessary, connect your video producer with your meeting producer directly so they are exactly on the same page.  On the other hand, seeing the audience filled in a hotel ball room giving a standing ovation at the end of your video is a great feeling of success.

When online, videos can reach a huge number of people inexpensively, quickly and with built-in feedback.  Make sure your video is optimized so that people with different devices can play it back easily and smoothly.  Nothing is more frustrating than the video stream that chokes and stutters frequently.

No matter the type of distributions, try to provide the most user-friendly file/format for a variety of end users.  If it’s not easy for them to use, they will walk away and your video will never be watched.  You will most likely have to provide a few different files for different playback specifications as well as for your archive.

Finally encourage people to give you their honest feedback.  It will only make your next video project more successful.

Next up is our final chapter of How to Make a Good Video.

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