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How to Make a Great Video – Final Tip

The Process – Choosing the Right Production Company

If you are considering commissioning a corporate video project and you have decided to use a professional producer, here’s how we would go about it if we were the client – if we were you.

Let’s assume you already selected a handful of potential production companies you want to contact.  First, request samples.  Make sure they are complete samples of their projects, not sizzle reels.  You are not buying a sizzle reel; you are buying a complete production.  You want to see all the elements of the video production – the quality of script, of editing, of photography, of use of music and sound effects, of graphics, of on and off camera talent and how all these elements are packaged to affect you as an audience.  Is the message clear, direct and effective?  Are the interviews believable?  Does it make you want to watch more?  These samples should be recent.  They should be varied in not only the subject matters but the styles and approaches.  They should be the work of the key members of the team that you would be working with.  Watch at least three.

If you like the samples, you can request an initial phone conversation or send a formal RFP.  A lot of people tend to rely too much on emails in this process but we think it is important to talk to a real people.  You are buying a quality video production but you also are buying a relationship.  Have an actual conversation with them.  Talk about your vision for the project.  Be candid with them.  Good producers will appreciate that.  And after a good dialog, if they “get it,” you’re likely to get what you want in the end.

The key is to find the good fit.  Think of this exercise as building an extended communication team as opposed to hiring a supplier.  Finding a good partner whom you can trust and whose knowledge and experience you respect is critically important.  Building a positive working relationship with a production company not just for one project but for the future projects will help you in a long run.

Commission a treatment, schedule and budget.  This will be invaluable as a means of keeping the project front and center with your management team.

A side note.  We, professional video production companies, have one favor to ask of you the client.  If you are bidding the project with multiple companies, be honest with us.  To create an intelligent treatment that is useful to you to make the right decision, takes time and effort.  And if you decide to work with someone else, let us know that too.  We will appreciate your candor.  The second worst thing for us is never to hear from you after submitting the proposal.

Most of all, have fun!  Making a terrific marketing and corporate video should be an upbeat, interactive, positive experience for everyone.

We are passionate about every aspect of the process of making a successful video project.  We feel strongly that there’s a right way to produce a creative, engaging and engrossing experience — communication that moves the people.  And speaking of that, we would be extremely excited if you would call us and ask for our samples. 🙂

If you have any questions, please write to us.  We will be happy to help with any questions.  And thank you for visiting this website.   Cheers!

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