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Corporate Video Interviews – How to Look and Sound Good

Here are some answers to FAQs we often get from our clients. If you have more helpful tips, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

What to wear for men

  • Medium grey and blue suits generally look best.
  • • Don’t wear ties, suits or shirts with dense patterns. HD cameras cannot reproduce small/detailed patterns like the human eye does.
  • • White shirts are fine if the lighting director has the proper equipment and skills. Off-white, cream or blue is easier to light.

What to wear for women

  • • Avoid big, jangly jewelry.
  • • Stripes and other big graphic patterns tend to be distracting.
  • • For worldwide distribution, keep in mind that conservative works best.

What to wear for everyone

  • • Glasses are best left off unless you feel very uncomfortable without them. Shadows and reflections are hard to avoid unless your glasses have special no-glare lenses.

For Interviews

There are two interview styles: when the interviewer is on camera and when the interviewer is off camera.

  • • In either style, talk to the interviewer, just as you would during a normal conversation.
  • • Speak in a normal tone of voice. Microphones are very sensitive.
  • • By and large, sit up straight and use the energy that results from good posture.
  • • Remove the loose change and keys from your pockets.
  • • Put down anything that might cause noise…pens, papers, bangles,  etc.
  • • Avoid using a chair that swivels or is on rollers or is too big for you.
  • • Avoid the “exec behind the desk” look.
  • • Be yourself. If you normally use your hands, use them; if not, don’t.
  • • Keep your energy level high, but not theatrical.
  • • Don’t write “speeches” in your head. Just answer the questions as best you can. Avoid the appearance of “lecturing” listeners. Be real and authentic.

For Teleprompter

A Teleprompter is typically used when you want to maintain consistent eye contact with your audience as if you are talking directly to them. The same rules for interviews apply when using a Teleprompter. Additionally,

  • • Make sure it’s close enough for you to read comfortably.
  • • Rehearsal is very helpful, if there’s time. The prompter operator can ‘mark’ up the copy to meet your needs.
  • • Important! The Teleprompter is there to help you. The operator will  follow you, slowing down or speeding up according to your pace.

Helpful Notes

You control the interview. If you say something you want to change, simply stop and start over. The entire purpose of a corporate interview is to make you look and sound good.

Technical adjustments will be going on all around you before the interview starts. Someone may put a white card in front of your face. It is to set the color temperature of the camera. The lighting director will re-position lights, set up a flag (black board) or a reflector (white board). These simply deflect or block out light. After the interview, a request for “presence” or “room tone” will be asked. It’s just a way of making audio edits easier for the editor. Above all, try to ignore all this stuff, because its purpose is to make you look and sound good.

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