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A Successful Corporate Video Project – Step by Step Process

What does a successful corporate video look like? Beautiful images? Upbeat music? Succinct messages? Unique creative concept? Thoughtful communication delivery? Efficient process? Sound strategies?

Yes, all of the above.  A highest quality corporate video production is achieved through three success factors:

(1) The experience base of the production company in consistently delivering high-end solutions over a long period of time

(2) The talent and commitment of the team to quality and precision in message delivery

(3) the process followed by the production company and the client

Samples are the best way to judge the first two success factors; the third, process, is something we should spend some time sharing with you. We take a project from inception to completion. There is absolutely no hand-of. This is a very unique process in this industry.

Initial Input and Research

Through a variety of background research, reading, meetings and communication, we learn about your business and marketing strategies. Access to your key executives for preliminary interviews can be an important success factor.

Creative Treatment & Outline – Key Approval Point

We submit a creative treatment and production outline including budget and schedule for the client review. The treatment describes the video in some details; its goals and objectives, key audiences, strategies, creative concept and execution and distribution plans. Depending on an approach, we create a script or a script outline and a storyboard. This then becomes the basis of pre-production.


Every shooting day in video production is extremely costly in terms of time, money and executive time. Excellent pre-production, efficient setup logistics, checking and double checking are what assures the investment reflects on the final product on screen as much as possible. On-camera talent, if needed, is auditioned and cast. Other participants and locations are selected, scouted and scheduled.

Production – Shooting

Along with highly skilled technical people—director of photography, audio engineer, gaffer (lighting person)—it’s key that the producer and director are people who were involved in and understand the project from the beginning and know how to deal with executives and other participants to elicit their best and authentic on-camera performances. This is a core competency of ours and distinguishes all of our productions.

Script – Key Approval Point

After the shoot, all of the footage is logged and transcribed. From this, a script is developed that contains all of the content of the video, and this is an extremely important approval/revision point for the client.

Post-Production: Audio Track – Key Approval Point

Narration is recorded and music is selected. If requested, original score is composed and recorded. Then an audio track which includes narration, on/off camera interviews, music and sound effects is produced. This will be submitted to the client and again, provides him/her with a very clear understanding of what the final video will deliver in terms of messaging and tonality.

Post Production: Edit – Key Approval Point

The visuals, both picture and graphics, are edited to the track. We review it with the client, make necessary changes and proceed to master.

File Creation for Multi-Channel Distribution

After the approval of the edited master, we create all necessary files for multiple distribution needs.

Communication and Performance Review

Throughout the process, we work extremely close with the client to assure that the end product meets more than the original objectives. There is a constant flow of communication and transparency that keeps everyone on board and on point. If requested, an online audience survey is created to gather feedback.

This entire process is seamless and highly interactive to assure that you receive the highest possible return on your investment in this project—we know that you are making this video to advance your business success—to drive brand and sales—that’s what we’re about also!

Take a look at our samples at www.crestacreative.com/work and email us to info@crestagroup.com for your next corporate video project.

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