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Corporate Video – A Business Case

As organizations communicate more and more via email, even the strongest  cultures can turn to mush.

During the Great Recession, many, if not most companies have cancelled meetings and travel, so that face to face communication has virtually been eliminated.

Extremely busy CEOs and other senior management, in attempts to optimize time, focus on revenue generation (meetings with customers) or cost containment (meetings which range from tense to confrontational. )

Employees, in a near constant state of worry over job security, tend to duck and cover.


…as we see growth (however tepid) replacing stagnation, enlightened leaders recognize the vital importance of re-energizing their organizations.  The companies that get out ahead of the motivation curve will be the winners of tomorrow.  Risk taking, an entrepreneurial spirit, innovation will separate the sleepies from the chargers.

Video communication can play a vital role in this transformation.  Very personal and powerful messages from key people can move people in a way that very little else can.  What are the keys to gaining that kind of success?


Nobody wants to hear what a paid narrator says about the direction of the company.  Communication is a CEOs job and even if he/she hates it, we can help him/her get more comfortable in front of the camera.   We spend a lot of time understanding exactly what needs to be communicated; we are not shy about suggesting that you can’t say everything…well, you can, but no-one will listen; we know how to create a comfortable interview setting, and we know what questions and what follow-up questions to ask.


Everyone’s best friend.  We spend about a third of our budget on post production.  It’s what separates ok videos from very effective one.  We transcribe everything.  Log everything.  Create very careful and thoughtful scripts.  Work closely with our clients to manage the subtleties of the message.  The process works.


We live in a culture that thinks with its eyes.  Clear, tasteful, creative and contemporary graphics make the simplest messages memorable.


Why do we still remember lyrics from 20 years ago?  To the point where we can describe exactly where we were and what we were wearing?  Music is the soundtrack of our lives and using it well is another key success factor for video.

The business case for video?  Use it only if you need to get the organization rallied around a new strategy, idea, plan, tactic, innovation, or just to rev everyone up!

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